Who is the North Carolina Federation (NCNARFE)?

  • We are 1 of 50 NARFE state federations nationwide and 3 overseas federatios

  • We have about 5000 members in North Carolina

  • We have 31 chapters physically meeting within North Carolina

  • We have an active Advocacy program which reaches out to Senators, Congressional Members, and members of the Carolina State Legislature


NCNARFE has adopted the NARFE Mission Statement:

  • To support legislation beneficial to current and potential federal annuitants and to oppose legislation contrary to their interests.

  • To promote the general welfare of current and potential federal annuitants by advising them with respect to their rights under retirement laws and regulations.

  • To cooperate with other organizations and associations in furtherance of these objectives


NCNARFE  also established a values statement and a vision statement:

Value Statement:

  • The Federation cares  about  all  NC  NARFE  Members  as  individuals  and  seeks  to  foster  their  individual  capabilities,  excellence  in  general,  and  team  efforts,  through  open  communication,  integrity,  and  mutual  respect.

  • We aspire  to  build  a  team  that  is  creative,  seeks  innovative  solutions  that  meet  organizational  challenges,  and  shares  commitment  to a  common  purpose  and  set  of  values.

  • We promote  trust,  loyalty,  individual  empowerment,  active  participation  and involvement  at  all  levels in  accordance  with  the  NARFE  Code  of  Ethics

Vision Statement:

  • To keep NCNARFE alive, focused, relevant, and proactive to achieve our mission of advocacy, membership, and service.


NCNARFE Strategic and Operational Plan

Strategic  Objectives  identified  are:

  1. That  we  increase  our  National  and  State  legislative  advocacy  and  effectiveness  throughout  North  Carolina  and  with  the  US  Congress.

  2. To  expand  both  our  recruitment  and  retention  efforts  and  participation  in  those  efforts.

  3. To  ensure  that  all  Federation  members  understand  how  to  get  benefit  information  and  assistance  from  Federation  and  Chapter  Service  Officers,  and  provide  that  information  when  required.

  4. To  cost-effectively  ensure  that  all  members  have  access  to  timely  and comprehensive  information  allowing  the  members  to  be:  informed,  able  to  understand  and  participate  in  advocacy  campaigns  and  voting,  and  find  benefit  related  information.

  5. Have  terms  of  office  for  Federation  elected  officers  that  are  more  cost  effective  and  improve  continuity.

  6. Update  the  P&P  Manual  and  Convention  Guides  and  guidance  regarding  frequency and  consistency  of  Federation  Annual  Meetings  to  reflect  National  and  Federation  decisions  and  bylaw  changes.


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